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Steak Benedict

3-4oz portion Beef, Ribeye, Filet, or Strip
1 English Muffin, Halved
1/2 cups Mushrooms Chopped
1/4 cups Yellow Onion, Chopped
1tbs Blue Cheese Crumbles. Any kind
2 Eggs, Poached *See Recipe
TT Salt, Kosher
TT Black Pepper
1tbs Canola Oil

*Court Bouillon for Eggs
2Q Water
1/2 cups White Vinegar

Method of Preparation:
In large sauce pan add water and vinegar. Bring up to a poaching temperature (160-170 degrees
F) While water is coming up to temperature in a saute pan over medium heat add canola oil.
Season steak generously with salt and pepper and gently add to pan. Cook until browned
on one side and flip. Crack two eggs gently into court boullion careful not to break yolk.
Once steak is browned remove from pan and rest. Once eggs have poached for two to three
minutes check to make sure the white is cooked and the yolk has not. Using a slotted spoon
remove from water and place on small plate. Add mushrooms and onions to saute pan used
for beef and cook until onion is translucent. Take toasted english muffin and place on plate to
be served. Slice steak into small pieces and place on english muffin. Top with mushroom and
onion mix and then poached eggs. Sprinkle bleu cheese to finish and serve immediately.