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Week of September 1, 2014

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2014 (Listen to the archived program)
Childhood asthma
(Listen to the segment)
The American Lung Association lists asthma is a leading cause of hospitalizations for children under the age of 15. Anna Simon learns about ways to recognize the triggers and alleviate the symptoms of childhood asthma in a conversation with two experts from the Greenville Health System Children's Hospital's national award-winning asthma intervention program: Dr. Jill Golden, medical director of the GHS Children's Center for Pediatric Medicine, and Cheryl Foster Kimble, asthma program coordinator at the center. GHS Children's asthma education video.   Back-to-school asthma video with Dr. Golden.

Sustainable small farm and back yard growers (Listen to the segment)
Clemson Extension agent Millie Davenport has information about an online course that begins Sept. 15 for people with very small farms who are interested in growing produce, caring for livestock, honeybees, and guidelines for selling your products to consumers. Sustainable Small Farms & Backyards ONLINE course information.

The sound of Hot Sardines (Listen to the segment)
Thomas Hudgins, marketing director at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts, shares a taste of foot stomping jazz that the group Hot Sardines will bring to the Clemson University venue this Thursday. Performance and ticket information.

Clemson Center for Visual Arts - Greenville (Listen to the segment)
We visit with Clemson Art Department Chair Greg Shelnutt at the Clemson Center for Visual Arts in the Village of West Greenville and hear about the center and some revitalization efforts taking place in Village of West Greenville neighborhood. Find out what's happening at CVA-Greenville. More about CVA-Greenville. Video. Village of West Greenville on Facebook. The Village Market.

A Labor Day tune (Listen to the segment)
Clemson music historian Dr. Mark Hosler salutes workers across South Carolina this Labor Day with a bit of history along with the story behind the song "One Piece at a Time," sung by the "workingman's hero," Johnny Cash.

Health and wellness with Dr. Ann
Nationally recognized health and wellness expert Dr. Ann Kulze, MD, author of the best-selling book series Eat Right for Life, discusses exciting new information about the powerful role of beneficial bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract and how to keep them thriving, the benefits of eating peaches, and answers questions from listeners in this live conversation. Listeners may call in on the toll-free line: 888-539-8859. Dr. Ann's recipes using peaches: Peaches and GreenPeach and Tomato Salad. Read Dr. Ann's tips on boosting the good bacteria in your gut. Get Dr. Ann's newsletter. Visit Dr. Ann on Facebook. Follow Dr. Ann on Twitter.

4 “Essential” Strategies for Weight Control That Most People Do Not Know - See more at:

Our natural resources: Deer hunting in South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources biologist Charles Ruth, coordinator of the DNR's deer project, and CPT Billy Downer, with hunter education in the DNR Law Enforcement Division, look ahead to the start of deer season in South Carolina with a review of the rules and regulations and other information.
Listeners may join the discussion via the toll-free number: 888-539-8859. Hunting rules and regulations. Buy a license. DNR Deer records and reports. White-tailed deer in South Carolina.

Garden talk with Dr. Bob Polomski

Clemson Extension horticulturist and garden writer Dr. Bob Polomski, author of Carolinas Month-by-Month Gardening (Cool Springs Press, 2014), and his guest, Amy Dabbs, Clemson Extension Horticulture agent and Master Gardener Coordinator for Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties, help listeners solve lawn, garden and landscaping problems. Listeners may call in with questions on the toll free number 888-539-8859.  For additional gardening help call the HGIC at 888-656-9988 from 9 am - 1 pm, Monday through Friday. See Bob's other book: Carolinas Gardener's Handbook: All You Need to Know to Plan, Plant & Maintain a Carolina Garden.



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