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Week of October 27, 2014

MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2014 (Listen to the archived program)
Glenn McConnell's new mission
(Listen to the segment)
Donna London, director of the Jim Self Center on the Future, sits down with former Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell to hear about his new mission and vision as the 22nd president at his alma mater, the College of Charleston. Hear recent conversations with other fairly new South Carolina higher education leaders: Elizabeth Davis at Furman University. Jim Clements at Clemson University. Jimmy Williamson at South Carolina's Technical College System.

Vitamin D, pregnancy and children (Listen to the segment)
Bobbi Conner speaks with Dr. Carol Wagner, professor of Pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina and Associate Director of the Clinical and Translational Research at MUSC, about a growing incidence of Vitamin D deficiency and the risk to pregnant women and young children. Vitamin D study. Vitamin D and pregnancy. Kids and Vitamin D deficiency.

A writer's life: James Yeh (Listen to the segment)
Award-winning poet and author Jillian Weise, an assistant professor of creative writing at Clemson University, introduces us to writer James Yeh, an Anderson native who recently returned to South Carolina as writer-in-residence at the Spartanburg-based Hub City Writers Project. We hear about his duties in that role and his writing. Learn about Jillian's book, The Book of Goodbyes.

Traveling with your cat? (Listen to the segment)
If you get sweaty palms just thinking about traveling with your cat,
Dr. Tony Holtzclaw, with Blue Ridge Animal Hospital in Greer and the mobile Dr. House Claw veterinary service, offers advice to make the trip easier for you and for your pet. He also offers tips for international travel with pets. Traveling with your cat.

Calling on Ghostbusters (Listen to the segment)
Halloween is Friday night, and Clemson music historian Dr. Mark Hosler has the story behind the song that tells you who to call when it gets scary around your neighborhood: Ghostbusters. The tune, from the 1984 movie by the same name is still popular after 30 years. Video. About the movie. Learn about Ghost Tours and other Halloween activities around the state.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 20124 (Listen to the archived program)
A live call-in conversation about birds
Join our live birding conversation with Clemson University naturalist Patrick McMillan, host of Emmy-winning Expeditions With Patrick McMillan, and Dr. J. Drew Lanham, Forest Wildlife Ecologist and Certified Wildlife Biologist in the Clemson University School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences. Our toll-free line will be open for listeners' observations and questions at 888-539-8859. More information and birdcalls are available online at Birds of North America and at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. For additional information on birds and other wildlife, visit and
Link to BirdCast for real time migration information.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2014 (Listen to the archived program)
Science and research: Nuclear waste
How do radioactive materials travel in the environment? How do researchers and scientists evaluate any risks to human health and the environment? What's being done on the research front to insure that radioactive materials are disposed of and stored safely?
Science writer Anna Simon's guest on this live call-in science and research edition is Dr. Brian Powell, an associate professor in Clemson University's Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences. Our toll-free line will be open for listeners' questions at 888-539-8859. Radiation basics from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Understanding radiation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

How to order a radon test kit.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2014 (Listen to the archived program)
Live Garden talk
Did your pumpkin patch produce prize produce? Whether you're growing pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns and Thanksgiving pies, or just need tips on fall mulching, the folks at the South Carolina Botanical Garden can answer your questions and offer gardening advice. Naturalist and garden educator Dr. Lisa Wagner, South Carolina Botanical Garden manager John Bodiford and landscape manager Kathy Bridges take listeners' calls on our toll free line at 888-539-8859. Learn more at the Clemson Home and Garden Information Center. View the calendar of events at the South Carolina Botanical Garden.


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